Common Sense and Sensibility

Common Sense and Sensibility is an exhibition about the natural chain circle in design: "designer author – manufacturer – user", which illustrates current milestone moments in the history of contemporary Croatian product design, and also a new direction for the revival of a troubled economy. The Sense & Sensibility project highlights the first signs of marriage between the Croatian economy and design, as communication strength of national culture through a finalized product. After two decades of the Republic of Croatia, one can say that the first circle of mature representatives of design culture in the country is formed.

The exhibitions covers following sectors and authors from the creative industries:

INDUSTRY: Kvadra Design (CEO: Tomislav Knezovic; Design: Numen/ForUse + Bratovic & Borovnjak; Grupa) / Element (CEO: Vladimir Mikic & Natasa Trbovic; Design: Numen/ForUse – Nikola Radeljkovic, Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler / Great Circle Works – OBLO (CEO: Mark Cahsens; Design: Marko Pavlovic) / Somewhere City (Cooproduction: MoMA NY; Design: Goran Lelas) / Blablab (CEO & Design: Ivana Vucic, Orsat Frankovic)

ARCHITECTURE IN TOURISM: Design Hotel Lone, Maistra (Arch. studio 3LHD, Product design: Numen/ForUse, Staff uniforms: I-GLE, Art installations: Ivana Franke, Silvio Vujicic; Visual identity Bruketa&Zinic) / Design Hostel Goli&Bosi (CEO: Ante Kotarac, Arch. STUDIO UP; Design: Damir Gamulin) 

DESIGN CRAFTS: Data by Despot (CEO & Design: Svjetlana Despot) / Grupa Products (CEO & Design: Filip Despot, Ivana Pavic, Tihana Taraba) / BOYA (CEO & Design: Maja Mesic) / Little Horse and Baby Beuys (CEO & Design: Maja and Mejra Mujicic) / Manufakturist (CEO & Design: Masa Milovac, Dora Djurkesac, Mia Bogovac, Matea Bronic, Kristina Volf) / Ana Tevsic (CEO & Design) / Filip Gordon Frank (CEO & Design)