Still And Sparkling - By Nendo for Lasvit

BDW produced the Japanese design studio Nendo’s “Still and Sparkling” exhibition, composed of five concepts: press lamps, inhale lamps, inner blow and overflow tables, the x-ray vase and growing vases, created as a result of extensive research and experimental design approach. It was presented to Belgrade's audience at Belgrade Design Week 2014 thanks to Lasvit with the support by the Japan Foundation.

Lasvit has been creating, producing and installing spectacular glass and crystal chandeliers and lighting installations throughout  the world for years. Purveyor of the celebrated Bohemian glass and crystal, this company now operates worldwide, from Europe to Japan, and collaborates with leading designers such as Philippe Starck, Fabio Novembre, Ross Lovegrove, Nendo... Lasvit is particularly fond of the projects they developed with Ross Lovegrove, “Liquidkristal” and “Still & Sparkling”, designed by Nendo.

Anyone who visited the old Staklopan factory between the 7th and the 12th October 2014 had the opportunity to see carefully selected design exhibitions by some of the world’s and local leading creatives, among them the exhibition Still And Sparkling By Nendo for Lasvit. BDW Dizajnpark exhibitions were part of Belgrade Design Week 2014.