HUMAN CITIES 2014-2018 BOOK

    The Human Cities/ 2014-2018 project book “Challenging the City Scale, journeys in People-Centred Design” is available in bookshops. After a first publication oriented on research and inspirational case studies of the Human Cities/ project, multidisciplinary network that gathers partners from 11 European cities, this final publication is the story of the experiences and cooperation addressed to a large audience of people interested in urban design and practices. As one of the partners in this European platform, Belgrade Design Week has contributed with the national project “100 Creative Playgrounds for Children of Serbia”.

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  • 100 Creative Playgrounds For The Children Of Serbia

    100 Creative Playgrounds For The Children Of Serbia

    The “Creative Grand Park” is a result of collaboration between the City of Kragujevac Foundation “Dragica Nikolic” and Belgrade Design Week, co-financed by the EU program Creative Europe. The Creative Park in Kragujevac consists of a cutting egde desigend children’s playground, a modern youth parkour exercise unit and the first ever senior’s motoric training grounds, with latest equipment produced by the Finnish company Lappset.

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    Belgrade Design Week hosted an unique international creative event on February 17th in Kragujevac, within project partners from eleven European cities, named “HUMAN CITIES/ SHARING CLOUD Kragujevac 2017”, inviting the broadest public, citizens and citizens initiatives from Serbia and the entire region.

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  • Belgrade Design Week Festivals

    Belgrade Design Week Festivals

    Founded in 2005, as a true rarity in the world of festivals – as a non-profit association, Belgrade Design Week is the first festival of creative industries and modern business in Serbia and the South East European region, covering an area home to more than 100 million people from Milan to Istanbul

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BDW in The New York Times

Belgrade Design Week helped create a completely new view of the Serbian capital to one of the world’s most respectable media. The statement of BDW’s founder Jovan Jelovac, that “this new generation of Belgraders is super-open-minded about innovation and change”, was a superbly positive conclusion to this well lay-outed article on three pages in The New York Times’ weekly “T Magazine”, a luxurious color Sunday supplement, which is already posted on their blog under the link

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Bjarke Ingels / BIG (DK) @BDW 2010

Belgrade Design Week is a masterpiece in the art and science of conference design – and a hell of a good way to spend 3 days in Serbia!

Watch a fantastic lecture of Bjarke Ingels from Belgrade Design Week 2010!

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The foundation is clear – we have an amazing reputation to defend and develop further: our famous international three days conference has been voted one of the best global creative conferences by worldwide opinion leaders and media, 5 years in a row, and the list of participants is growing and setting absolutely new standards and perspectives, globally unmatched!

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Ambassadors of BDW

I stopped working for others because then I have the responsibility and I feel like an advertising agency. When I work for Yello, I can make a fool out of myself. Whatever I do I go through the process of becoming a child, an idiot, totally unimportant. When I have the responsibility to start with it is disturbing." "I think every human is a God. All our life is about becoming like a child, trying to find out who is really hidden inside yourself, who you really are, who is the divine being inside. Great alpinist climb mountains not to become world famous, but to learn something about themselves, to come closer to that inner-child. If you are exposing yourself to the process of climbing the mountain, it is very important you are prepared to make a fool of yourself, to let yourself fall into the emptiness of vague idea, and to have the courage to be a total idiot. Only then you have a chance to die with the smile on your face.