100% Future Serbia 2013

Roughly hundred and fifty designers were fortunate enough to be a part of the „BDW 100% Future Serbia“ project and get the opportunity for their work to be noticed. Serbian designers presented their work in 1m2 space in one of over one hundred shop windows in the city center, from Slavija to Kalemegdan, as well as in the Kare Studio and the Usce Shopping Center, during the first two weeks of June 2013.

The exhibited works were greatly appreciated by the public and caused great interest of national and international media, as well as, traditionally, an ongoing business interest by Serbian companies. Today is not hard to be informed about new trends, but it is challenging to keep up with the world when, in reality, there is no actual infrastructure. With that in mind, it seems that the Serbian design scene is very vital and that designers are much more resourceful than one would expect. They find inspiration in a variety of sources, and their innate resourcefulness enables them to always discover and present fresh ideas. That’s why it was of great importance to reward the best participant of BDW's “100% Future Serbia” competition. 

Marko Vuckovic won the full scholarship for a 2013 summer course at the famous Domus Academy in Milan! He was the best candidate at the “BDW 100% Future Serbia” contest which took place from May 1st 2013 until May 25th 2013. The winners were chosen by a jury consisting of the Domus Academy, in cooperation with BDW and Nemestic studio. The award is covering the tuition fee of a 1750 € value for summer course Design for All, July 15th – July 26th 2013.

Belgrade Design Week’s mission is to support the formation of a new, independent, creative community in Serbia and in South-East Europe, and with its project ”BdW 100% Future Serbia” it sets the stage for young designers to show to the world, during the period of two weeks, the best Serbia has to offer. Out of nearly thousand applicants, 150 were selected and given the opportunity to present their work in the city’s shop windows. Renowned designers, such as Dragana Ognjenovic, Antipod Studio, Jelena Stefanovic took part in the competition, as well as over one hundred creatives who have been applying every year for the past three years. 

The opening and award ceremony took place at the Kare studio, in the Dorcol creative district, on June 3rd. In the presence of around 500 guests the best young Serbian designers learned who won free tickets for the BDW Conference, and who won the entry to the workshop held by the new dean of the Domus Academy, Gianluigi Ricuperati, an animation workshop delivered by the SAE Institute and the Ukrainian-Danish master of collage, Sergei Sviatchenko.