Joost Perik

Joost Perik is copywriter at creative brand consultancy BSUR Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The BSUR Group helps the clients define or fine-tune their DNA and translates it into all business and brand activities to create outcomes that can strategically reverse decline and accelerate growth for your business. The agency does this for international companies, their brands and services from the three international hubs of Amsterdam, Shanghai and Sao Paulo. BSUR supplements this with supportive service offerings in brand equity acceleration, creative strategy and execution, and content production.

Joost Perik / BSUR (UK) @BDW 2007 from Brand New World on Vimeo.

Magdalena Klasnja

Costume and Fashion Designer Magdalena Klasnja

Ugljesa Vrcelj

Design and Marketing Ugljesa Vrcelj

Irena Kilibarda

Architecture and Design / Dsignedby Irena Kilibarda