Mirko van der Winkel

As creative sales manager in Stylepark magazine and the original platform and marketing portal for architecture and design, as well as co-founder and owner of MVDW London, marketing & sales consultancy agency, Mirko van der Winkel gave us the lecture at Belgrade Design Week 2010.

Mirko van der Winkel worked for top-brands in the (furniture, lighting) design world finding Sales Agents in Western Europe, helping with Strategic Marketing and with Strategic Partnerships.

A unique combined experience of management in the design-business and consultancy on strategic and international marketing provides him with sharp and acute vision on the furniture market to advice from start-ups to big brands on how to succeed. Also labeled by the press as a 'Design Guru'

Initiator and organiser of fairs and design exhibitions in Italy, Belgium and London. Lecturing, hosting talks, jurying at architecture and design awards, writing on various topics related to design such as strategic marketing, management, finance, sales & creativity, design also in relation with architecture, art and fashion.

Mirko van der Winkel / Stylepark & MVDW Ltd (DE) @BDW 2010 from Brand New World on Vimeo.



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