Magdalena Klasnja

Magdalena Klasnja is a costume and fashion designer.

Born in Belgrade, Serbia. After earning bachelor’s degree in design of leather goods in 2004, same year she enrolled school of applied arts at Belgrade university and graduated in 2009 with master’s degree in costume design.

She has been working in film, theatre, tv and fashion. Her work has been part of many international solo and group exhibitions, fashion show and workshops, showing her drawing, concepts, costume design, installations and fashion performances. She has collaborated with various international artists and one of the results was a published book.

She currently lives in NYC where she has been working for fashion brands such as EUGENIA, KIM, DARYL K, DIANNE VON FURSTENBERG, as well as on her own shoe label. She has also worked on Robert Wilson’s NY productions, “EINSTEIN ON THE BEACH” AND “ZINNIAS” OPERAS.

Magdalena Klasnja (RS) @BDW 2014 from Brand New World on Vimeo.


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