Hidden Speakers

HIDDEN DML technology loudspeakers are superior to classical loudspeakers / HIDDEN has developed the DML technology to a cutting edge of sound quality and implementation level that never existed before / Driven by the spirit of innovation and passion of its founders /inventors/ designers.

HIDDEN is one of the most recognized and highly awarded manufacturers in the architectural speaker category in Serbia.

Belgrade Design Week is pushing for an evolved approach to products, design and communication, while being the premier one stop partner for building a society of knowledge in South East Europe.

Check out where it all started in the groovy creative neighbourhood of Dorcol, and if you’re lucky HIDDEN’s amazing R&D team will play some cool jazz and funk for your personal sound experience in our studio. Belgrade Design Week Salon Belgrade, Rige od Fere 22, 11000 Belgrade.

Hidden Speakers
Igor Radojevic Igor Radojevic

Hidden Speakers Founder and Principal Igor Radojevic