At this time of year, Team W* has only one thing on our minds – Milan. More specifically Salone del Mobile, and our next iteration of Wallpaper* Handmade.

Over the previous five editions, our annual celebration of craftsmanship and design has become not only our flagship event, but also a cornerstone of Salone itself. Some of the world’s finest creative minds and manufacturing talents have taken part, and devoted followers have crossed the globe to witness the spectacle. Expectations are formidably high. But I’m confident that this April, Handmade* will be bigger, bolder and beefier than ever.

This year’s show focuses on food, drink and entertaining. As well as being our favourite subjects, these also nod to the upcoming Milan Expo and its motto of ‘feeding the planet’. Fired up by our theme, Konstantin Grcic has cooked up an outdoor grill of copper and steel with Valcucine, while Tod’s creative director Andrea Incontri and chef Davide Oldani have collaborated on a leather chef’s bag. There’s also a modular greenhouse unit by Jonas Wagell and Kettal, a dinner service by Nigel Coates and Ginori, and a credenza by Roman & Williams and Olollo. Jasper Morrison and Emeco have paired up to create an aluminium version of their forthcoming chair, which will be produced on-site by one of Emeco’s metal craftsmen. We’ll even keep him fuelled with a bespoke bone marrow pizza, courtesy of Fergus Henderson’s London restaurant St John.

All this activity has required relocation. We’re leaving Claudio Loria’s Leclettico gallery, our home for the past two years. But we aren’t going far. With Claudio’s efforts, we are taking over an entire arcade next door. Kvadrat has helped give it a facelift in the form of a multi-coloured draped colonnade, and four other Wallpaper* friends, Gufram, d3, AfghanMade and Emeco, will keep us company. Our neighbours outside the arcade are just as impressive – there’s USM, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its modular shelving system, and SCP, now entering its 30th year. There are also showings from Lee Broom, Clarks, Memphis and Brand New World. Together we are transforming a once-unassuming, grey corner of Milan into a burgeoning design district: San Gregorio Docet. See you there!

The May 2015 issue of Wallpaper* is out now

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Running in the morning through the city (down what the germans call a fussgangerzone) and being amazed by all the grand empty old buildings that reminded me of my Berlin beginnings. Grafitti on buildings. Lovely broken walls with acne'd facades from decades of reverse engineering. Discovering that all the ships on the river were party boats and open till the morning. Sweating so much in one of the clubs, my phone got messed up. Losing phone in said club. Visiting belgrade police station to report a then stolen phone to a twenty-something cop with a doctor's lab coat, listening to Rammstein (loudly) while hacking out my report on a pre-electric typewriter that looked (and sounded) as if it was from some era before typewriters were invented.   Thinking of Naked Lunch. Thinking of Die-Hard. Listening to architects talk about porous facades. Thinking of old smart bombs. Imagining the flash and crunch of several floors of reinforced concrete collapsing in on themselves. Wondering why I'm the only interactive guy here. Why are there so many beautiful women in Belgrade? Why are there so many beautiful women in Belgrade?!