The second international multimedia festival “Nikola Tesla – Secret Connection Summit” was officially opened by the academy in the hotel Norcev on Fruška gora. In the presence of many distinguished guests the festival was opened by Miloš Vučević, the mayor of Novi Sad who said that with this manifestation we commemorate the 10th of July, the birthday of Nikola Tesla, as well as the day he became an honorary citizen of Novi Sad. He pointed out that Novi Sad is the only city in the world to give such a recognition to Nikola Tesla in eight decades and that supporting the festival is the proof of the continuity that the city has in recognizing quality, especially in the scientific fields. Žarko Malinović, the advisor to the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia for creative industries said that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia gave institutional support to this festival expecting that it would show Nikola Tesla’s contribution to the development of the overall economy and commerce.


This mannifestation deals with the scientific, the cultural and the civilizational legacy of our great inventor and scientist in a completely new and modern way. Tesla’s contribution to the advance of modern civilization in the fields of communications, telecommunications, energy, innovation, culture, arts and philosophy of creativity is affirmed, as is his contribution to the development of environmental awareness and establishing environmental responsibility as a component of the industrial development of global society. The program includes lectures from 50 university professors and also a series of interactive workshops.


For the first time the “Tesla cyber camp” was situated within this project, which includes cultural, scientific, film and musical programs. About 150 students and graduates from Novi Sad, Belgrade, Cambridge, Harvard and other worldwide universities are staying in the camp. For the best among the participants of the camp there are prizes and recognitions, as well as scholarships. Among the distinguished participants of the festival last year there were the Nobel Prize winner Robert Kerl, the french writer Jean Echenoz, the director Vitalii Pravdivcev, and this year there will be present the Executive Director of UNESCO Center for Peace Guy Djoken, the President of the UNESCO Federation of France Yves Lopez, co-founder of the Sustainable Leadership Summit Umesh Mukhi, the celebrated Australian professor Natasha Cica, the famous American graphic artist Rave Mehta, the author of the comic book about Tesla, that entered a school curriculum in more than 10 000 primary schools across the U.S. as well as the leaders of “One Young World”, the world forum for young people.



Running in the morning through the city (down what the germans call a fussgangerzone) and being amazed by all the grand empty old buildings that reminded me of my Berlin beginnings. Grafitti on buildings. Lovely broken walls with acne'd facades from decades of reverse engineering. Discovering that all the ships on the river were party boats and open till the morning. Sweating so much in one of the clubs, my phone got messed up. Losing phone in said club. Visiting belgrade police station to report a then stolen phone to a twenty-something cop with a doctor's lab coat, listening to Rammstein (loudly) while hacking out my report on a pre-electric typewriter that looked (and sounded) as if it was from some era before typewriters were invented.   Thinking of Naked Lunch. Thinking of Die-Hard. Listening to architects talk about porous facades. Thinking of old smart bombs. Imagining the flash and crunch of several floors of reinforced concrete collapsing in on themselves. Wondering why I'm the only interactive guy here. Why are there so many beautiful women in Belgrade? Why are there so many beautiful women in Belgrade?!