Related Projects: Belgrade Design Week Festival 2010

What a fantastic feast this Belgrade Design Week was! Inspiring, exciting and full of intensive dialogue. More than any other conferences BDW was showing, why we are all Designers – because it's about the vibe, the passion, the people and the culture of exchange. Belgrade! We'll come back!”

We are Weiss–heiten – a pan-European creative network with studios in London, Berlin, Paris and Zurich.

We create new concepts. Develop new designs. And unleash new thinking in our visual work.

We know every job is unique. So we get under the skin of every project and every brand we touch. The result is individual, distinctive, confident design.

We believe in the exchange of ideas, experience and expertise. Each of our studios inspires its peers. As a result, we bring the heart of European culture to our daily life and work.

If you would like to know more about us or discuss your project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Belgrade Design Week is a one-off – a unique set-up that is free from the corporate atmosphere that so often pervades other such events. The energy, optimism and warmth of Jovan and his team flows through every event – lectures, workshops, meals & drinks alike!   I’ve never been good at sitting in a dark lecture hall for more than an hour or so at a time but found myself doing three lectures back to back at Belgrade – such was the quality of speakers. Timetabling was crazy at times but at BDW everybody seems happy to ‘go with the flow’ – and has an even better time for doing so. The City of Belgrade should be very proud of this gem!