Related Projects: Belgrade Design Week Festival 2010

What a fantastic feast this Belgrade Design Week was! Inspiring, exciting and full of intensive dialogue. More than any other conferences BDW was showing, why we are all Designers – because it's about the vibe, the passion, the people and the culture of exchange. Belgrade! We'll come back!”

Weiss—heiten is a European creative team with studios in London, Berlin, Paris and Zurich. The studio creates new concepts, develop new designs and unleash new thinking. In 2006 Weiss—heiten was founded in Berlin by Birgit Hölzer and Tobias Kohlhaas, and is a multi-disciplinary team working in different fields such as visual communication, interior design & architecture.

Weiss—heiten Design is founded on a culture of exchange. A culture that adds value to the creative process, that understands the links between business, space and the consumer. A culture that is bound together by a respect for others and their ideas. Put simply, Weiss—heiten enjoys working in partnership with the clients to create innovative design and architectural solutions of the highest standards. With offices in four major European cities, the structure allows the studio to offer this service and expertise both locally and internationally with the benefit of the full weight of the groups experience, resources and international network of collaborators and suppliers.

Weiss—heiten Design operates as a European network of designers, working independently and in partnership across a diverse range of sectors including the arts, retail, architecture and the public sector. Weiss—heiten Design believes clients should always work directly with a lead designer on every project so no information is lost through complicated management structures and account management. To create beautiful and effective designs, each project is approached as a blank canvas, free from any preconceptions.

Research, consultancy and strategy all help to create that understanding of the task. The world of communication is full of exceptions, and no single formula, however well thought through can be applied to every project.

Each single problem is different and unique. Through listening, analysing, intuition and defining the bigger picture, Weiss—heiten can make design distinctive, it can bring the design to life.

BDW was a wonderfully rewarding experience. I think the mix that made it work so well was a tangible passion for design realized in the most relaxed and friendly atmosphere that I have come across for any event like this – truly inspirational, long may it thrive.   As for what is a smart, forging partnerships and working with like minded designers and clients always seems a pretty smart and rewarding way to go about design and I have a very good feeling that BDW will be the catalyst for many such collaborations.