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Art Director, Publisher and Graphic Designer

Barcelona, 1983. After obtaining his degree in graphic design in the Barcelona design school EINA, Omar began working in the graphic design industry and later formed a studio with Albert Folch. In Folch Studio, he developed graphic design projects and worked as an art director for national and international clients such as Camper, Museo Marco de Vigo, Musac, Sala Rekalde, Mango, Peres Projects, ICEX and Marset (to name a few). As well as these projects, Omar also developed editorial projects working with various magazines such as Metal, Kilimanjaro and Fanzine 137.

In 2008 together with his business partner Nacho Alegre, Omar founded the magazine Apartamento. Two years later he went on to win the prestigious Yellow Pencil Award and Apartamento was awarded the best complete magazine of 2010 by the Designers and Art Directors Association (UK).

After 2010 Omar left Folch Studio to live between Barcelona and Milan working for his own clients and also took charge of the art direction of the Corriere de la Sera design magazine, Casamica.

June 2nd 1010, I approach Belgrade from the sky, over green fields, rain-clouds, grey cityscape and cold air. My first impression is - ugh! I am greeted by my hostesses and the rest of the crew and immediately flowers start blooming in my mind. Life is everywhere, and after a few days I leave with an energy boost and a great lift in spirits. I am sad to go but I am sure to return. Belgrade is alive!"