Related Projects: Belgrade Design Week Festival 2012

It was an amazing experience attending the BDW earlier this year. Thank you Jovan and all BDW team for making it not only possible but also memorable.

Ours is a multidisciplinary practice focused on projects in the most diverse areas – office, civic, commercial, residential, hospitality, etc… – always providing full architecture and interior design services.

A diverse range of work – the effect of clear resolve, rather than of luck or chance – is grounded on the belief that the experience in different themes greatly contributes to the better performance of our responsibilities, and on the certainty that in Architecture, inasmuch as in any other trade, broadening horizons is crucial and part of a lifelong learning process.

Our practice is driven by a philosophical approach that makes no distinction between the project of a chair and that of a building, in the sense that dedication to each of the assignments is the same, as is the working process behind them, including sketches, models, prototypes, development and detail drawings, and close follow-up of execution works.

Nonetheless, if technically our projects are the outcome of an equation combining program, location, legislation, budget and deadline, it is from the client that we draw the necessary inspiration to – on a symbolic, while not less important dimension – imprint an identity to the project, whether a home, a store, a hotel, a cultural center, or even a factory.

We believe excellence in design results from combined skills and efforts. By working as a team from the start of a project, engineers and we join together our knowledge, often supported by the latest advances in building technology, to ensure the best solutions are achieved and all of the client’s demands are met.

It was a true pleasure to participate in Belgrade Design Week. BDW has great speakers and lots of creative energy and I was amazed by the commitment from the organization and their ability to create an international event of such caliber. Even with a small team, BDW sets a standard that other cities in the world can learn from. Actually, many design events would probably feel embarrassed if they visited Belgrade Design Week and compared themselves.