Related Projects: Belgrade Design Week Festival 2014

Dragan Zlatkovic gratuated at the University of Belgrade, at the IT department. During his studies, he was working for two years as an asisstent at the University. By finishing the Bachelor studies, he became an Ingeneer of the New Informational Technologies.

Dragan continued his education in Italy, at the Faculty of Architecture – Università degli Studi di Trieste. After finishing the Bachelor studies in 2011, at the department of Planning and Urbanism, he became a Junior Architect and a Civil Ingeneer. He enroled for master studies at the same University and at the moment he is working on his Master thesis.

Zlatkovic is a long-term scholar of The goverment of the Republic of Italy, that gave him scholarship for his Bachelor and Master studies.

In 2013, he was chosen among 500 students,from the Faculty of Architecture in Trieste, as the one that will continue his education at the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura del Vallès (ETSAV) at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona. This opportunity was financially suported by the scholarship of European Union and the Italian Government.

He became part of the RESSÒ team and the only participant from Serbia. The team was formed by the ETSAV Faculty and created to participate the International Competition Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 in Paris.
The aim of this competition is the planning and a prototype development of a building. After a realization phase that lasted ten days, the construction went through quality check that lasted a month.

The projects were evaluated in 10 categories, measured by a jury and by technical standards. The performances of the constructuion were evaluated using established criteria, tests and various measuring devices. The second evaluation was made by a jury of three to five members.

Team RESSÒ won three prizes on the Solar Decathlon Competition 2014: the first Prize for Architecture, the frist Prize for Inovation and the third Prize for Urbanism.
Jury was formed of three members : Thomas Herzog, Françoise Helene Jourda and the president of the jury Wang Shu, the winner of the Pritz award for Architecture 2012.
The building of the RESSÒ team especially standed out because of the house construction technique and because of the new realization concept of residential buildings.

Belgrade Design Week is fantastic! It is a conference with a great international reputation.   I have heard so many friends, professionals and peers who said it was one of the best conferences in the world, and something you must do! So, I had no doubts in saying yes when Jovan asked me to do it 6 months ago. Belgrade Design Week is different, it’s a bit crazy, and the special passion and the energy is what makes it really good!