Belgrade Design Week began on May 23rd, but the eagerly awaited centerpiece – the famous international conference –
started for the sixth time in row on Thursday, May 26th, at the grand hall of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre on Belgrade’s main thoroughfare, Kralja Milana street.

The conference, traditionally presenting one of the most important design events in the South East European region, was a breath of fresh air once again. Creatives from all walks of life came from over 30 countries to absorb and share immeasurable experiences under the name FUTURE2, which was the general theme of this year’s Belgrade Design Week. BDW’s founder and curator Jovan Jelovac was relentlessly expressive in asking each speaker on-stage “How do they see the future”?.

In these turbulent economic SPEAKERS: times and prevalent digest, second-hand experiences from third-hand media recounts, its easy to forget the importance of direct contact. BDW believes in the misson of conducting a global showcase of such an magnitude, where creative endeavor is accessible to all, live, concentrated, raw and unedited.

The first day was quite an appropriate introduction to an exciting conference to follow, as all speakers have been carefully curated to disseminate a specific, often completely different idea of “future developments”, hailing from such different creative fields as art direction, architecture, branding, advertising, publishing, consulting, governance, music, art, film, industrial / product design, graphic design, illustration and many more.

Dear design friends, Belgrade is engraved in my heart in many ways. First of all, the people - so open and interested. Than the wonderful soft organization of the event - one of the very best I ever attended. The super building. The joy to be with my dear fried Ross Lovegrove on stage and to meet Karim Rashid. All this together was unforgettable and please invite me again!