Still dizzy from the dancing dervishes from day one at the FUTURE2 conference – like that magical Lelas character – the packed hall at BDW was doubtful anyone could surpass Mariscal’s dancing on the stage with full blown samba music rockin’ the chairs, Snøhetta’s world conquest, or the mass-psychotherapy by Arik Levy.

So everyone arrived with more “subdued” expectations for the second conference day on May 27th, probably lulled by the
more “rational” sounding Swiss/ German line up, underlined with the golden Swedish boys “Form Us With Love”, for a good measure at the end. Boy, were they in for a surprise! It turned out to be the proverbial lull before the storm, when the Swiss Cultural Attache Mr. Stefan Klötzli kindly opened the session. Right after he announced the lectures by an amazing Swiss representation, to start with Dieter Meier from the electronic grandmasters – YELLO – unaware that YELLO has such a magnificent fan-base in Serbia- all hell broke loose when Mr. Meier entered the stage, looking crisp and gentlemanly as ever, announcing the world revolution and the end of capitalism as we know it, followed with Argentinian wine and steaks! Followed by Architonic and Jan-Erik Lundberg, the founder of Geneva Lab, the audience was quickly transported into another world – one of Swiss excellence and perfection in executing the most future- oriented projects possible.

The Panzer then came rolling with heavy artillery, fittingly, opened by Mike Meire’s thunderstorm of multimedia films that seriously tested the sound capacities of the venerable theatre we were guests at, attended by the brilliant RED DOT AWARD presentation – probably the world’s most important design competition, all crowned by THE new German design superstar himself – Stefan Diez.

It was a true pleasure to participate in Belgrade Design Week. BDW has great speakers and lots of creative energy and I was amazed by the commitment from the organization and their ability to create an international event of such caliber. Even with a small team, BDW sets a standard that other cities in the world can learn from. Actually, many design events would probably feel embarrassed if they visited Belgrade Design Week and compared themselves.