TURNOVERS at Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade

at Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade
July 17 – September 28, 2014.
Exhibition “Turnovers“ is the second part of cooperation between the iconic Tate Modern (London) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (Belgrade). This formal and thematic sequel to the exhibition “Inverted House”, which took place at Tate from November until April, will show selected segments from the first exhibition, and three works specially produced for this occasion in Belgrade during May, June and July: a film “Chameleon” and sound recording “House in Motion” by Siniša Ilić and Tina Gverović, as well the work by Ben Cain.

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TT pavilion by Konstantin Grčić 

Back in Basel last month, we fell in love with the TT Pavilion, a pre-fabricated wood and aluminum installation by our own dear Konstantin Grčić. Built with AUDI parts, it was premiered at Design Miami/Basel 2014. The structure draws reference from architectural designs and prefabricated houses of Jean Prouvé, but is made including genuine AUDI TT parts. It can easily be set-up as a free-standing object…
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P.S. At Belgrade Design Week, Konstantin was named Designer of the Year 2008!

Bravo Roksanda!
London-based Serbian fashion designer, our dear friend Roksanda Ilinčić, recently opened her first London boutique. A beautiful retail space that reflects her style was designed by architect David Adjaye, who referenced elements from Roksanda’s geometric fashion designs for the interior of her flagship store in London’s Mayfair. “I wanted it to feel like an extension of my clothing, not a regular shop,” said Ilinčić. “So whether it’s the interior, or the detail on a coat in the store, it still has that architectural experience.”
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Need a beach bag?

BDW’s project „100% Future Serbia“ showcases creativity demonstrated in shop windows across the city of Belgrade, in a space of just 1m². MooShema designed colorful table oilcloth and beach bags, perfect for the summer vacation we hope you will enjoy… Have a nice trip!

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It was great that the speakers and the attendees were actually to share ideas and express their views as opposed to solely exhibition purposed fairs. It was very impressive, how successful and innovative individuals from various disciplines spoke about their worlds and how the audience interactively took part. To have attended and to have experienced this interaction at Belgrade Design Week made me very pleased. I would like to extend my congratulations to the BDW organizers due to this successful event.