During the break between two PechaKucha Night sessions, Belgrade Design Week’s founder Jovan Jelovac announced the auction of exclusive photographs from the collection titled 10/10, by the world-renowned photographer Dušan Reljin, who flew in from New York to Belgrade for this event and presented his initiative on the Museum’s grand stage.


A good friend of BDW, last year’s superstar lecturer of the BDW 2012 conference held at the National Library of Serbia, he was introduced to the Serbian creative scene for the first time by the works exhibited inside the “2012 – 100% FUTURE SERBIA” project, and expressed his wish to encourage Serbian creatives to show their work to the world. When we told him that the 2013 project was left without a single supporter or patron, Dušan suggested that BDW should still produce it, in whatever way possible, and that he would think of a financial support which could cover at least a part of the production costs. What an amazing man!

Needless to say that BDW was thrilled, we accepted his proposal and invited Dušan to join us in person at the first Creative Forum Serbia powered by SAMSUNG. Dušan Reljin selected ten of his favorite photographs he made during his illustrious career, and offered to sell them as exclusive pieces, in signed 3/3 copies.  The other two copies which were not brought to BDW will be sold in Dušan’s Gallery in New York for $5000 a pop, and only for BDW, the initial price for the auction of the large, high-quality prints is only €500 a copy.


All the money raised at the auction is going to the key non-profit project of promoting young creatives in Serbia: “100% Future Serbia”, and much to our satisfaction, the first three photographs have already been reserved during the exhibit. On the website and in other media which follow this auction, we expect shortly the information on how to bid for the remaining photographs by Dušan, and how one can become not only the owner of a valuable work of art, made by the most successful contemporary Serbian photographer, but also a true patron of new Serbian design!




During Belgrade Design Week 2009, you enabled participants to meet with representatives from different countries, in professional, as well a sin social settings, which provided the opportunity for spontaneous interactions, where everyone was engaged in true cross-cultural dialogues. This allowed participants from different countries to become familiar with attitudes, ideas, and practices on the common topics of design.   We had received first hand accounts of current situation in creative fields and intellectual status of Belgrade Design Week, exchanged ideas and knowledge, mixed and mingled among each other. And the unique opportunity was given for all of us to establish professional relationships and develop lifelong friendships. We were eager to discover Belgrade and had a unique chance to enjoy the city! No doubt, it was our first, but not our last visit to Belgrade. All the best to Belgrade Design Week for the future to come! We are looking forward to be a part of your success