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Dubbeldam is a seasoned academic and design leader, serving as Chair and Professor of Graduate Architecture at PennDesign, where she has has gathered an international network of innovative research and design professionals. Previously, Professor Dubbeldam oversaw the Post-Professional Degree program providing students with  innovative design skills, cutting edge theoretical and technological knowledge, and the analytic, interpretive, and writing skills necessary for a productive and innovative career in the field of Architecture. She also taught advanced architectural design studios at Columbia University and Harvard University, among other prestigious instititutions.
The Dutch architect and founder/ principal of the New York firm Archi-tectonics, is widely known for her award-winning work, recognized as much for its use of hybrid sustainable materials and smart building systems as for its elegance and innovative structures. Recent projects include the Greenwich Building and V33 building, both in NYC,  the Ports1961 flagship retail store in Paris, London and Shanghai,  the American Loft Building in Philadelphia, and  a probono design for an orphanage and school she is creating in Liberia, Africa. Winka also runs a design-research team to re-invigorate Downtown Bogota, and recently won the Yulin Design Competition in China.
Archi-Tectonics’ work ranges from residential to commercial, from real to virtual and is realized in urban designs, architectures, and installations. The firm’s use of hybrid sustainable materials and smart building systems is widely noted and its award-winning work is recognized for its elegance and innovative structures.
The firm’s conceptual design of the “breathing” Holon Tower was recently featured as part of “Augmented Reality” at Gallery R’Pure in New York, following its premiere in Paris and joins works by BIG, Dominique Perrault, Grimshaw, HWKN, J. Mayer H., Jakob + MacFarlane, Joe Doucet Studio, REX and SO-IL.
RECENTLY COMPLETED BUILDINGS- Archi-Tectonics built to date six buildings. The 80,000 sf mixed-use GW497 Building [2004] is an eleven-story structure with as its main feature a custom-designed folded curtain wall. A first in parametric design, we developed the geometry and engineering of the curtainwall through a 3-D computer model, is was fabricated globally and installed locally. This guaranteed exact measurements and facilitated fast production time. We also recently completed the 14 story 60,000 sf American Loft Tower, Philadelphia [2009] with 40 residential units, the 2500 sf GT house, Upstate NY, and the Prefab Dub Residence in Germany [2500 sf]. This year we also completed the 39,000 sf LRH Building and the 3500 sf Chelsea Townhouse, both in Manhattan.
LOFTS- Archi-Tectonics built several lofts for a distinguished clientele; The Ellen Von Unwerth Loft, the John Legend Loft, in NYC [2010], the Frederique van der Wal Loft [2010] and the Eisen Penthouse and DePaola’s Penthouse, the last two both completed in 2011.

COMMERCIAL WORK – include recent Hospitality projects such as Abu Dhabi Central Plaza Project [2009] with a 50 story hotel tower and 55 story office tower, the Chestnut 5-star Hotel Tower in Philadelphia [2008], the 5000 sf Tashan, restaurant in Phildelphia [2011], the VIP Lounge in the Tribeca Grand Hotel, NYC [2010], and the Aida Salon [2000]. This year the list of Art Galleries such as ChristineRose Gallery [1996] and Bitforms [2001], were added to when we completed the NAI [Netherlands Architecture Museum] and the Pavillion for the Dutch Fashion Biennale [2011] We built several Corporate offices such as Netherlands Board of Conventions and Tourism [2009], the Duggal Digital Headquarters [2000] and the Gear Magazine offices, all in NYC. Our recent retail successes are the three new Ports1961 Stores: the Store in Harvey Nichols, London [2010], the Flagship store in Shanghai [2800 sf, completed 2010] and the Flagship Store on St Honore in Paris [5000 sf] which was just completed [2011].
UNDER CONSTRUCTION – are the ground-up V33 Building [77,000 sf], several lofts in V33, and The Brewster Restaurant. Furthermore, in design-phase are the the 100,000 sf Headquarters for Santa Fe Digital Media, L.L.C., in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Studebaker in Brooklyn, and the MCF project in Monrovia, Liberia. Archi-tectonics is also designing a large design exhibit in Sothebys, to open June 2012.
PRO BONO- Archi-Tectonics’ Pro Bono Project is currently also under construction in Monrovia Liberia. A completely sustainable school and orphanage for the MacDella Cooper Foundation, is conceived as a “sustainable village,” with courtyards with specific functions such as outdoor classrooms, playgrounds, and gardens. The buildings are built from local materials such as perforated concrete block and bamboo woven walls. The structures are designed to have natural ventilation.

It was great that the speakers and the attendees were actually to share ideas and express their views as opposed to solely exhibition purposed fairs. It was very impressive, how successful and innovative individuals from various disciplines spoke about their worlds and how the audience interactively took part. To have attended and to have experienced this interaction at Belgrade Design Week made me very pleased. I would like to extend my congratulations to the BDW organizers due to this successful event.