Rolando Borges Martins / PARQUEXPO (PT)

Related Projects: Belgrade Design Week Festival 2011

Parquexpo is a company with public capital in Portugal, founded in 1993. with a goal to prepare and organize the world exhibition EXPO ’98. Company’s assignment was to revitalize and build objects in the east part of Lisbon, where this big happening found place.

After EXPO, the company did not end its existence, but continued with its work and adapted its function to new goals – revitalization of abandoned parts of the city and to the local planning. Its highly qualified employees continued with working, achieving great results in urbanism, underlining the importance of social significance, environment and economic profitability. Parque Expo works on various projects, from ruined historical monuments, old industrial plants to abandoned parts of the city. Their work can be seen all over Portugal, south Europe, Balkans, as in several African countries.


Belgrade was an unexpected, inspiring and energizing experience. A very unorthodox & charismatic host, harems of beautiful hostesses, less beautiful speakers with their advantages too (mainly the speaking part) and finally some recognition of my talent as a DJ.  Biomega & KiBiSi colonized Belgrade for a brief moment. Actually, for the first time my KiBiSi partners, Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels & I were speaking at the same event – a seal of grandeur I gather. Some day I want to be remembered as the Caliph of Belgrade - & the designer bicycle pioneer.