Related Projects: Belgrade Design Week Festival 2010

My two big loves of 2010 was Belgrade Design Week and the TMA – 1 by KiBiSi that I presented there. Both are children of determination, teamwork and eagerness to create a long lasting value. BDW and the TMA-1 are founded on solid content, great vibes and acumen. BDW will stay with me.

Headed and founded by award-winning designer, Lars Larsen, Kilo is an idea-driven, industrial design studio established in 2005, which holds a position among Scandinavia’s most influential design studios. At the cross-section between technology and culture, Kilo designs with a holistic approach and often explore the potential in cross-breeding content and solutions from different disciplines, resulting in new, functional and aesthetic hybrids with a self-evident, iconic character.

The Kilo Philosophy
To us, design is alchemy and evolution; It’s a mix of the right ingredients for the right purpose. Through a ‘survival of the fittest’ process where the strongest idea endures, combined with a deep understanding of the brands we work with, as well as a serious amount of love and hours dedicated to each project, we search for the perfect solutions for our clients.

Versatile design innovation
From startups to major corporations, Kilo is internationally recognized for delivering aesthetically sustainable and lasting design innovation for leading-edge clients, irrespective of size. We are decidedly non-specialized when it comes to market sectors, and many clients choose us for that reason alone when they need fresh perspectives and alternative takes on their brands and markets.

Lars Larsen
Known as an industrial designer with a straightforward approach to design who merges differing elements of contemporary culture – from fine art and street culture to his strong fascination for the workshop. Lars’s natural eye for blatant and simple solutions to complex design problems has earned him several, high-profile, creative awards, such as The Danish Design Prize and a Cannes Lions as well as inclusion in SFMOMA’s permanent collection, leading to a position among Scandinavian design’s most trusted authorities. Outside of his design work, Lars Larsen is a member of the Danish Design Council and a respected design jury capacity who appears in award juries such as D&AD, Core77 and Cannes Lions.

KiBiSi was founded in 2009 by Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels and Jens Martin Skibsted. In 2013 the founding partners of KiBiSi refocused their efforts on their individual studios for new design challenges. Hence, KiBiSi is currently an ad hoc collaboration between Kilo, BIG and Skibsted Ideation. Lars Larsen is KiBiSi’s CEO and, as of 2013, its former Head Of Design.

Kilo is located at BIG HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark. Moreover, BIG is a trusted partner and longstanding collaborator on design development. We love the BIG perspective and the international atmosphere of this ambitious and super creative hub, and we see the HQ as an opportunity of bridging scales and thinking BIG, despite mainly operating at the smaller scale of product design.

The Belgrade Design Week was the best design conference I have ever enjoyed – the specific spirit of the city in a kind of in between status, the rough tension which can still be felt ten years after the bombs, the pride and the looking for new orientation especially in the young generation – all this is giving the BDW a special flair far away from the current events of the global design circus. In addition the enthusiastic organizational team trying hardly but unsuccessfully to keep the program along the schedules, the informal exchange between the international speakers, the loss of any discipline, the parties on the river … what ever and how ever the interrelations between these aspects are working – it makes the BDW an unique, likeable, inspiring and productive event, I will never forget.