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Aleksa Gajić is comics artist, illustrator and film director.

Aleksa Gajić was born in 1974, Belgrade. He graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in 1998. in class of Rastko Ciric with color comic strip ” Technotise “. Gajić is a well established comics artist (Technotise with Darko Grkinic, 6 albums of Scourge of the Gods with Valerie Mangin), illustrator (posters, commercials, books and magazines, such as Politikin Zabavnik, the most popular magazine for children in Serbia) and film director (animated movie Technotise: Edit and I in 2009 and soon after short animated movie: Rise and fall of art“, commercials and music video clips).

He presented his works at several group and three individual exhibitions to date. Currently, he is working away from main stream comics, producing comics on unusual materials such as stone, wood and textile.


B.D.W. is "Being with your whole creative self in WONDERLAND". Getting out of the line (box), navigating into the world of sensation and intellect, showing curiosity and sharing knowledge, living in clear and vague situations, bringing Art & design to talk to each other, loving, touching, eating, growing, expecting the unexpected and yet always being surprised, never accepting what was planned a month earlier. And people, interesting people, creative people, wonderful, open-minded people, beautiful people, people who think DESIGN IS A WAY OF THINKING. All of this is true. I was lucky to be there and loved it.