The Australian Forum, in partnership with thought leader Natasha Cica – director of Liminal Strategy, Hobart, delivered her infamous THINKtent as part of the inaugural Advance Global Australian Forum, at the Sydney Opera House, on March 13.
As part of his recent visit to Australia, BDW’s Jovan Jelovac participated in these forum sessions, along with other talents and award winners, covering an inspiring topic: SHAKING IT UP: How creativity + courage shift our paradigms. Looking at the world around us globally, with great hopes for the furture, speakers talked abut: What matters in mentoring the next generation?, Why and how should we explore new frontiers?, Who’s got the power? and discussed the Vision for Australia.
THINKtent provided this opportunity to get up close and personal with Advance Global Australian Award winners and other leading Australians – sharing their stories of endeavor, struggle and success. THINKtent is a travelling structure inspired by the lost Tasmanian wilderness of Lake Pedder, featuring specially commissioned works by Tasmanian designers and makers. It holds up to ten people at a time, and provides an intimate and safe space for people to come together for conversation, reflection and more.

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And check out the winners of Advance Global Australian Awards:
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Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram have designed the exhibition architecture for this year’s CODE_n event at CeBIT, showcasing 50 of the most interesting big data startups, selected from among 450 international applicants. They have created an enormous graphical representation of the data collected by these participants, mapped onto a single print 12 meters high and 89 meters long. See for yourself…

BDW’s creative team received a letter of support from the City of Belgrade expressing full support to the organization of the Belgrade Design Week and Creative Project Serbia 2014-2020. The letter states that the project is of great importance for modern art and creativity as it promotes creativity and knowledge society as a supreme value.
a lovely video portret of Spanish design star Patricia Urquiola by Matthew Donaldson. The British filmmaker captures a revealing portrait of this creative woman at home, in her Milanese casa e bottega, where she discusses her working process and roots.

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Patricia was a dear guest speaker at BDW 2007 when she was named designer of the year.

Yes, we at BDW knew it, but now American researches have confirmed: there is a strong link between arts education and economic growth. A new study found that „education in dance, theater, music, and the visual arts helps instill the curiosity, creativity, imagination, and capacity for evaluation that are perceived as vital to a productive work force“.
BDW’s pet project – 100% Future Serbia showcases creativity in a space of just 1m².  Just look at this original geometry of PARTIKULA sofa designed by Marko Runjić.

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Been a few weeks after the end of the Belgrade Design Week, but in my mind is still alive all the energy collected in the three very intense days in Belgrade. I enthusiastically accepted the invitation to the BDW 2010 but, honestly, I did not expect to live a so unique experience: BDW Conference is an incredible concentration of creativity, freedom, passion and feeling that involves all participants. Amazing the people of the organization guided by the genius and craziness of Jovan!