Sabine lenk has been working in the field of industrial design for over two decades, and she is currently the Project director of the Munich Creative Business Week. she is also one of the listed speakers at the next BdW conference which will take place from 6. – 8. June 2013., in the capital of serbia. lenk said for B&F that the most important thing in design is – to understand.

„I hope to share new ideas with the audience and other speakers about organizing design weeks and similar festivals around the world, also in order to pass on some of that experience and apply it in an attempt to further improve MCWB. International conventions are extremely important in our profession precisely because of that communication between different cultures, which is the foundation for successful understanding of cultural traditions of different nations“, says the renowned designer. She said that in Germany it is not possible to have true insight into accomplishments of designers in Belgrade and in Serbia, which is why she is all the more interested to learn about her colleagues from this region and see their ideas.

„I have had the opportunity on several occasions to meet designers from Eastern European countries and our discussions always made a profound impression on me, because I discovered the similarities and differences in design interpretations between Western and Eastern designers. Belgrade’s audience will have the opportunity to hear about the particular importance of design in Germany today, and about the significant role it plays in the economy“, says Lenk. She said her favorite client is Bayern the Design GmbH: with the financial support from the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology, it aims to improve and promote the quality of design of Bavarian products and services, in order to make them more competitive on the market. Based on the vast experience she gained as a project manager, Sabine Lenk says that it is crucial to connect the right people to work in teams. She said that is the only way to come up with inspiring ideas, and ultimately, to find the best solution. “Understanding is key”, concludes Lenk.

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I stopped working for others because then I have the responsibility and I feel like an advertising agency. When I work for Yello, I can make a fool out of myself. Whatever I do I go through the process of becoming a child, an idiot, totally unimportant. When I have the responsibility to start with it is disturbing." "I think every human is a God. All our life is about becoming like a child, trying to find out who is really hidden inside yourself, who you really are, who is the divine being inside. Great alpinist climb mountains not to become world famous, but to learn something about themselves, to come closer to that inner-child. If you are exposing yourself to the process of climbing the mountain, it is very important you are prepared to make a fool of yourself, to let yourself fall into the emptiness of vague idea, and to have the courage to be a total idiot. Only then you have a chance to die with the smile on your face.