Reinier Bosch and Carolina Wilcke present their latest work in Milan from April 14 – 19th, as one of the eight key international studios who epitomize the new concept of Designers – Makers – Entrepreneurs, rethinking the entire business and creative model in design. Their exhibition is part of BRAND NEW WORLD MILANO 2015 @DUŠAN, curated and produced by Vesna and Jovan Jelovac. As a part of the Milan 2015 FouriSaloni program, Brand New World shows pure DESIGN 2.0 philosophy unthinkable of only a few years ago. The concept will be staged in arguably one of the most elegant design showrooms in the city – DUŠAN, Via Antonio Zarotto 1, powered by LAUFEN.

Reinier Bosch and Carolina Wilcke are one of the best representatives of the new concept of Designers – Makers – Entrepreneurs. They share love, life and design. Both designers graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. Since then they were both asked by several galleries to exhibit, and their work was shown at design Miami/Basel and PAD fairs, among others. They share a studio in Amsterdam, working on their own gallery pieces and products for design brands.

At the moment we are working on a very large project in which we combine technology and design. Through this project we create enough sustainable energy in cities to be (almost) energy neutral. This is not only absolutely necessary, but also achievable for large buildings. Yet, it has been undiscovered. We are now developing an integrated façade concept which gains energy through the newest organic solar cells. And obviously, it has our unique signature.

We think these kinds of solutions are very important for the future world as energy is one of the leading issues, said Bosch and Wilcke, and added: Indeed the world has changed, think about all the big issues like pollution, hunger and climate change. If we don’t act, it will change to a point of no return and our world will not be livable anymore. I think this belief is inside our generation and therefore we take more self-initiative. So, this leads for us personally that we have a strong drive to create what we want and can initiate, and have a drive to live and overcome these issues. As designers we brought the biggest construction company, tile factory and solar cell research center in The Netherlands together, to develop this new concept into a working product. It is exciting to work in such a multi-talented team. Taking this initiative is making us not just artists, but also entrepreneurs, promoters, representatives and the ‘new leading creative minds that are defining a brand new world of design.

For the new projects in Milan they have worked together with glass blowers in the Czech Republic, playing with transparencies, mixing colors, combining textures and materials. The Whaam! coffee table is inspired by Reinier Bosch’s trip to Istanbul, while Carolina’s Sobremesa candle holders, are referring to time spent and friendship as precious gemstones.


Playing with the translucency of glass and mixing colors two shapes came together, creating a new shape and function, said Bosch. My very latest projects that are finished are the Tangled cabinets and the Sobremesa candleholders which will be shown for the first time in April in Milan, added Wilcke.


In 2008, Reinier Bosch won the Milky Way prize, awarded to the best work of the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven’s graduation show. The same year, he was noticed by Wallpaper*, a reference in design publishing, and was chosen as one of the best graduate talents by the magazine. Carolina was awarded with the Chic Art Fair Design prize for a Tafelgenoten installation, but for her the greatest reward is that people collect her pieces and thank her even for designing them.

As a kid I believed my hands were as hot as fire and I was able to shape and transform everything with my hands. Still I see the world as flexible as clay, in constant motion of energy. I create to express myself through objects, am an idealist and try to make the world a better place with good ideas. My favorite project is ‘garbage’ series I made for David Gill Galleries. For me this is the purest concept; showing that all things have intrinsic beauty, even a garbage bag or a cardboard box. The beauty of the color and fluffiness of a garbage bag and the firm geometrical shapes and proportions of a cardboard box, these elements define this beauty, said Reinier Bosch.

My interest for all things creative is life-long. Before my initial training as a goldsmith, I wanted to be a sculptor. However, when completing this study, I was looking for more. I learnt a craft, and I actually wanted to design things. That is when I applied for the Design Academy Eindhoven. Even as a kid I was intrigued by small details of furniture, clothing or tableware. It seems I was just born with this interest, said Wilcke.


Reinier Bosch and Carolina Wilcke for Brand New World

BDW was a wonderfully rewarding experience. I think the mix that made it work so well was a tangible passion for design realized in the most relaxed and friendly atmosphere that I have come across for any event like this – truly inspirational, long may it thrive.   As for what is a smart, forging partnerships and working with like minded designers and clients always seems a pretty smart and rewarding way to go about design and I have a very good feeling that BDW will be the catalyst for many such collaborations.