During the evening event of the BDW DIZAJNPREMIERES, on the first day of the conference we celebrated the opening of the Spanish exhibition “DESIGÑ” at the Instituto Cervantes in Knez Mihailova Street, which showcased an overview of contemporary Spanish design, as well as the furniture exhibition World of Contract at the IDC at Beton Hala.

The exhibition at the Instituto Cervantes includes 100 posters and a map of the Spanish pool of creative geniuses, including individuals of all generations and creative disciplines, such as graphic design, illustration, advertising design and architecture. Desigñ – Spanish accent in design – is a contemporary overview of Spanish designers who collaborate closely with leading Spanish companies such as Camper, El Pais i SEEI (the Spanish state institution which organized the international exhibition) and the Vincon store (contemporary design of household appliances). The exhibition travels in a small wooden box with everything inside, that is necessary to place their installation in different locations of the Instituto Cervantes in different cities of the world.

The “World of Contract” is an exhibition dedicated to design of furniture used for public spaces, hotels, restaurants and business buildings. Belgrade’s Italian Design Center presented leading Italian companies in this domain, namely B&B Italia and Arper, with items designed by Antonio Citterio, Jean Marie Massaud, Lievore Altherr Molina, Patricia Urquiola and Naoto Fukasawa, all presented for the first time in April this year at the Milano Saloni.

Belgrade Design Week was full of amazing energy, with thousands of people coming from all the neighboring countries. We engaged in great lectures, shows, parties, and intensive discourse about the renewal and new design enlightenment of Belgrade. It was the catalyst for design, branding, and change in Serbia. Design in Serbia took off and became a public subject.