20 X 20 X 20 PECHA KUCHA NIGHT 2014

Best Serbian architects, illustrators, fashion, graphic and product designers present 20 slides each in 20 seconds..

This year BDW presented the second Creative Forum Serbia in a row, a non-pareil event which once a year gathers the best and most innovative members of the Serbian creative community – advertisers, architects, designers, photographers, fashion experts, filmmakers, IT experts, as well as businessmen, government and cultural workers – in order to create a brand new platform for people to network, meet, exchange ideas and discuss new business endeavors.

As a part of CFS, the visitors enjoyed the special presentational event called Pecha Kucha Night. Based on global standards for this event, some of Serbia’s most outstanding creatives in 2014 showed their work in a special format of individual presentations in twenty slides, twenty seconds each.

The Pecha Kucha Night presented a more than appropriate pre-opening event to BDW’s famous international conference days, right after the grand opening, to much satisfaction of the international and local press. BDW hosted 16 and top local creatives in the fields of animation, graphic design, fashion, blogging, object design, architecture, photography etc… The lectures of these creative and enterprising people to BDW’s public stimulated and provoked discussions throughout the creative scene. It was superb and provoking for ourselves too, and it is great to realize that we can amplify an open dialogue with the Serbian scene, and that we have so much to learn form each other. To our final satisfaction all night long people were approaching each other in order to get advice, ask for reference and get an opinion.


1. Ivan Paradinović, Designer: Furniture design with focus on lighting design. Finished the Faculty of Applied Arts in 2012, active in fields of industrial, graphic, furniture and packaging design. Also works in photography, drawing and illustration. Showed his latest collection of lamps.

2. Branislava Antonović, Blogger: Finished the Faculty of Political Science, journalism. After many tryouts to work as reporter she started her own blog and now is the leading fashion and lifestyle blogger in Serbia, with many awards such as best site, best blogger etc. Ongoing cooperation with many brands: Elle Serbia, Vichy, Deichman, Max Factor, Philips, DM, Reebok, Victoria secret, Lindex.

3. EDIT, Studio for visualization: Masters of Architecture Igor Kozić and Uroš Nesšić have started their own company for 3D visualization in architecture. They specialized in 3D modeling and rendering, and are now they are best known studio for visualization in Serbia, working mostly for international clients.

4. Prva srpska fabrika sreće, Postcards application: Created a project of interactive postcards that combines traditional ornaments and modern technology, in collaboration with the Museum of Applied arts in Belgrade. They presented Serbian historical renaissance heritage in an contemporary and innovative way, presented by Vladimir Vujović.

5. Nina Radosavljević, Architect: Presented her work in Austria and Italy as an cooperation of architects interested in translating parametric design into buildings.

6. The BarFoo team, Coders: Created the Sonochrome application that translates colors into sounds, enabling people who are blind to understand another layer of world that surrounds them and won many international prizes in the prospect.

7. Platforma, Architectural bureau: Architectural studio founded in Belgrade in 2007 by Bojana and Miloš Djurasinović. They are focused on a contemporary interpretation of the traditional architectural practice, winning many prizes in the country and abroad.

8. Nenad Ivanović, UI/UX designer: Nenad is co-founder of AlsterCloud, based in Hamburg and Belgrade. AlsterCloud is a fine blend of passionate creativity, software and business developers.

9. New Cycle, Design collectors: This project was developed by Predrag Pantelić and Marina Dokmanović, who are on a mission to find, collect, rejuvenate and sell furniture classics.

10. Eipix studio, Animation and Gaming: Mirko Topalovski started his own animation Eipix enterprise. After nine years of business they emply about 220 people in four cities. Today they are global leader in HOPA (hidden object puzzle adventure) games, mostly played in the USA and Russia.

11. Dragana Kojičić, Architect: Finished her specialisation in Grenoble about clay architecture. She has further developed her techniques in Europe and Africa, and held many workshops in Macedonia, Bosnia and Serbia, working in Ruanda, Spain, France, Bulgaria and Colombia.

12. Ivan Živković, The School of Life: The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through help of culture. They address such issues as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationship, how to understand one’s past, how to achieve calm and how better to understand, and, where necessary, change the world.

13. Vukašin Vukobratović, Furniture design: Born in 1985 in Belgrade and graduated at the Faculty of Applied Arts – Interior design and furniture design. He is active in fields of industrial design, graphic design, furniture design, urban and architectural design. Vukašin won many prizes in Serbia and abroad.

14. Igor Džukovski, Industrial designer: As one of winners of our 100% Future Serbia competition he presented his students and competition works, as well as the Remote Control Car project, rewarded by Belgrade Design Week.

15. Sofija Bojanović, Architecture student: As one of the winners of our 100% Future Serbia winner Sofija presented her outstanding student works.

16. Marko Oljača, Architect: As one of the winners of our 100% Future Serbia competition, Marko presented his student and competition work. He also presented many works from interdisciplinary fields such as furniture design, graphic design and urban design.

The participant’s list is impressive! Belgrade Design Week is the best professional event I ever participated in. But to me it also has emotional significance. I am in Belgrade again, twenty years later. I was not sure what to expect but I encountered a fantastic atmosphere and amazing people. I have a feeling I have old friends here.