An exploration of eating experience design: It’s basically all about one’s appetite. Humans act by their appetite; an appetite for food, a sexual appetite or an appetite for knowledge.

Studio Appétit, instead of just designing or cooking, created a concept called APPETITING, using design to transform an object, ingredient or experience into an appetizing sensation. Raising questions about food culture, about why we eat, what we eat and how we eat, and observing the never ending roles of food in our lives.

The workshop was an interactive presentation and tasting that manifested the unique approach to eating, while combining multidisciplinary design with culinary arts: From challenging table manners to rethinking the connection between taste and emotion.

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My BDW began in Milan, having a crazy meeting with Jovan at the design library in ZONA TORTONA. 09:15 A short espresso with Mauricio Ribotti: "Are you sure you have a meeting with Jovan this time in the morning? It must be a mistake!" 09:40 a man with a small black suitcase enters the café: "Hi CARO!" both man hug. "Oh! Galit, you are also here?" We sit down and immediately start to talk "design”. After 3 espressos I know I have found my partner for the next revolution! Coming to BDW was wonderful, like meeting old friends. BDW is the most passionate conference, full of amazing designpeople that share impossible designdreams. I was honored to be a part of this group  - and would love to see you all again!