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Logo for Infinity aquariums

Logo won the Jury Award at Hiiibrand international competition for the world’s best logo that is held every year in China, and is organized by New Graphics magazine from Hong Kong. Jury member Kit Hinrichs of Hinrichs design studio, San Francisco, USA, said: “The logo is sophisticated and elegant and at the same time playful and magical. I wish I had designed it myself. ”


I stopped working for others because then I have the responsibility and I feel like an advertising agency. When I work for Yello, I can make a fool out of myself. Whatever I do I go through the process of becoming a child, an idiot, totally unimportant. When I have the responsibility to start with it is disturbing." "I think every human is a God. All our life is about becoming like a child, trying to find out who is really hidden inside yourself, who you really are, who is the divine being inside. Great alpinist climb mountains not to become world famous, but to learn something about themselves, to come closer to that inner-child. If you are exposing yourself to the process of climbing the mountain, it is very important you are prepared to make a fool of yourself, to let yourself fall into the emptiness of vague idea, and to have the courage to be a total idiot. Only then you have a chance to die with the smile on your face.