85. Ljiljana Todorović

Narodna Knjiga , Kralja Milana 58
The idea was to reuse military tent flap in purpose to create useful and unique fashion accessories that we can use everyday. Old military canvas is really strong material, hard to tears and waterproof up to a certain limit, so that’s the benefit of recycling this material. My design is about to be unisex simple bag and tablet case that can suite every style. This is beginning of my personal fashion project and caring for the sustainable design.


The Belgrade Design Week was the best design conference I have ever enjoyed – the specific spirit of the city in a kind of in between status, the rough tension which can still be felt ten years after the bombs, the pride and the looking for new orientation especially in the young generation – all this is giving the BDW a special flair far away from the current events of the global design circus. In addition the enthusiastic organizational team trying hardly but unsuccessfully to keep the program along the schedules, the informal exchange between the international speakers, the loss of any discipline, the parties on the river … what ever and how ever the interrelations between these aspects are working – it makes the BDW an unique, likeable, inspiring and productive event, I will never forget.