The third day of the conference was devoted to good old fashioned product design, after days of innovation, engineering, architecture, communication and management. How to become a designer of world leading companies? How much is object design important today? The leading authors of globally awarded designs for famed brands like Moroso, MUUTO, Audi, Foscarini, Lapalma, Established & Sons, LK Hjelle, Asplund, Nespresso, Energias de Portugal, Nymphenburg, Optimus, Prada, Classicon, Droog Design, DIM, Campeggi, Hermes, Kreo, Arflex, Driade, Edra, Emeco, Ecart, Cappellini, Fontana Arte gave answers to this and similar questions.

Diego Velini, business development and corporate affairs manager at Fiat Automobili Srbija, opened the final day of the conference. The third conference day was characterized by reflections about new aspects of the innovation topic, and left the possibility for further analyses. As always, Belgrade Design Week continues to use the conclusions of the conference for further developments.




It was great for xarchitekten to be invited to BDW as Austrian Architects We were expecting a great time by experiencing all this different thinking’s on design issues. At first there was the road movie from Vienna to Belgrade: 600 Kilometers of flat land, an immense impression of wideness - like riding on a green ocean. Arriving Belgrade we were hosted by the perfect Organization and accompanied by very nice people of BDW. The most valuable element of BDW´s Performing, Discussing, Lecturing in the Theater, Visiting the Clubs and Restaurants of Belgrade has been the linking excellent thinking and facing experts coming from different fields of design as well as different regions of Europe. xarchitekten are convinced about the great role of BDW as an Place for multidisciplinary Evolution, therefore BDW is facing a great future. Hopefully xarchitekten will be connected to BDW again.