The European Design Leaders is an élite organization. Its purpose is to provide a valid and comprehensive index of the most creative studios and agencies of the continent. Size, history, client lists, nationality. All these do not matter. What does matter is proof that the studio is currently providing output of the highest caliber, by being consistently awarded in any of the five major design competitions around the world. Therefore, membership is closed and by merit only. Five representative leaders of this group, coming from all over the continent, were making an appearance in this year’s Belgrade Design Week conference.

You may think of EDL as a standard-setting organization that provides communication design firms with recognition for the quality of their output. It issues every year a list of the top studios and agencies which are based in Europe and in this way it facilitates the design buyers to quickly identify and access the best of the field. All relevant information is freely accessible to them, at any time. The design studios on the other hand, are provided with an easily identifiable, memorable and self-explanatory title that helps them stand out, in highly competitive world. Further more, EDL takes a proactive role in connecting the two sides, by arranging for various events and meetings between its members and representatives of potential clients from around the globe.

Because sometimes you go to some more established places there is always saturation. Here seems that you manage to see things and you manage to talk to people.