The Museum of Contemporary art in Belgrade was a fantastic space for presenting 40 plus global stars from a variety of creative industries – branding, design, architecture, publishing, advertising, fashion, new media, film, business and culture. It was also the ideal place for discussing and explaining how to create NEW VALUES in a fast changing world driven by innovation. BDW’s business, educational and creative conference took place from June 6th until June 8th under this year’s umbrella topic “innOVaTiOn2”.

On June 6th 2013., Karl – Heinz schmitz, Attaché at the Political and Cultural Department of the German Embassy in Serbia, opened the first conference day in front of the crowded hall of the museum. douwe Buzeman, Head of the Media and Culture Department of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, announced the lecture of Daan Roosegaarde. Jovan Jelovac, founder and curator od Belgrade Design Week, presented the speakers and continued the discussion after each lecture, asking them all about their opinion on innovation in the world today, particularly in their own professional experience.





During the 10 year history of Normann Copenhagen, we have learned that passion for design and architecture is strongly connected to people and not places. Coming from a part of the world where DESIGN is almost part of your DNA and every household has a selection of Design Classics, does not guarantee that passion is found.   When coming to Belgrade for the BDW 2009 we found a dedication and passion at the highest level. We can only be jealous that such events, created with passion and real interest to push the viewers and visitors to the next level are not more commonly found in Denmark. That again is a tribute to the great efforts found behind BDW and we hope to be part of your events in the years to come.