115. Marijana Popović, Radivoje Marković i Milena Marković, ALDO UŠĆE SHOPPING CENTER

The joint project titled “Association and the” there are two distinct approaches to conceptual and functional study of continuity and discontinuity through different approaches in artistic process.
Set includes two logical units: associative, which is represented by a sculptor Marijana Popovic and functional which represent designers Milena Markovic and Rade Markovic.
The artistic process of construction scenes Marijana Popovic uses discontinuity building associative units that are returning to the viewer as a complete symbols, while in the process of Milena Markovic inversion expectations of the viewer creates an illusion of continuity surface in static and dynamic sense of belonging discontinuous point of view.
Retrofitting these traditional techniques and introduction  functional elements of which are mosaics made (bolts) we want to emphasize the indissoluble art and design approaches.
In papers associative part settings are displayed: Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali. The functional part of the exhibition presents objects – chairs in a space rich optical illusions and distinctive sculptural process in the creation of functional contents. Plays with materials and a combination of hot and cold to actually executing highlights the dynamics that is supported by the drama of relationships.




B.D.W. is "Being with your whole creative self in WONDERLAND". Getting out of the line (box), navigating into the world of sensation and intellect, showing curiosity and sharing knowledge, living in clear and vague situations, bringing Art & design to talk to each other, loving, touching, eating, growing, expecting the unexpected and yet always being surprised, never accepting what was planned a month earlier. And people, interesting people, creative people, wonderful, open-minded people, beautiful people, people who think DESIGN IS A WAY OF THINKING. All of this is true. I was lucky to be there and loved it.