Collective Paper Aesthetics’ contribution to #stayathome

I Architecture is a creative paper play in objects, space and experience. The principle tool is a paper lattice, to be fold into three-dimensional polyhedral pack. From multiple polyhedral packs we can create, vary structural organizations materialising the place we truly love.

Black and white and full coloured versions are possible to download from where you can find many more creative activities for children inspired by architecture.

To make a single unit
Print at home
Fold with care
Seal with kiss and bit of glue
Handle with love

Every polyhedral pack has eight similar faces. The polyhedral packs can be assembled along multiple axes, allowing for a vast variety of three-dimensional configurations. To make a similar sphere to the one in the video you will need 20 polyhedral packs.

The pdf tutorial initially made for Architecture for Humanity campaign on 2011/12

Video: Cola Zhang to

Collective Paper Aesthetics were selected together with CHwB Albania to DESIGNSCAPES’ 2nd Open Call a Framework Programme of the EU – Funded by Horizon 2020 – prototypes delivery June 2020. Noa Haim is among 1 out of 18 professionals in science education to receive a travel grant for ECSITE pre-conference workshop “Co-design in science education activities” on 10 June 2020. The studio designs were handpicked by EU GATEWAY to Korea Mission on Contemporary European Design which is re-scheduled from July 19 – 24 2020.

About Noa Haim/Collective Paper Aesthetics:
Collective Paper Aesthetics design and develop audience-engagement materials and STEAM education resources in a range of pop-up architecture and furnishing. Among the studio patrons are MUDAM Luxembourg, National Gallery Singapore, Tate modern, ICA MIAMI, Louvre Abu Dhabi and more.

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Belgrade Design week unlike so may other city design events has a wonderfully essential vibe about it. Nothing pretentious in the air but big bags of energy and enthusiasm. It feels like the Serbs haven't already decided what design is and so are open and ready to riff off the ideas that come in to sharp focus over these precious days. The city itself has a gritty charm about it which complements the event perfectly.