Presenting the BDW DIZAJNPARK exhibition PART TWO – at the OLD STAKLOPAN FACTORY – in Belgrade, Stahinjića Bana Street 7 – 9, Dorćol, 7th – 11th October, free entry from 10h to 20h – POWERED BY GORENJE

Every year at the BDW DIZAJNPARK, we witness a small but carefully curated selection of design exhibitions, which are strongly related to the famous BDW international conference’s content, presenting the latest global findings of “The Leading Creative Minds of the 21st Century”.

The BDW DIZAJNPARK exhibitions, this year proudly powered by GORENJE, showcase the latest works of from over ten countries. It is a striking display of creativity which surprises, educates and enriches the atmosphere of the event, in yet another “forgotten” iconic urban location, reclaimed by BDW from years of neglect and complete wipe out from the collective memory of the citizens of Belgrade. After finding and rejuvenating the at time empty Palace of Federation, the bombed Hotel Jugoslavija, the abandoned Kluz department store, the shut down Museum of Modern Art, along with marking numerous other iconic locations in past ten years, BDW in 2014 proudly gives you another gem of Serbian industrial architectural heritage: the old STAKLOPAN factory, smack in the middle of Belgrade’s bustling “Silicon Valley” – the Strahinjića Bana Street -yet covered by a layer of invisibility – like the famous Phantom building in the movie The Shadow.


Studio Drift is keen to emphasize an almost alchemical, ‘something from nothing’ characteristic of synthetic obsidian, and to highlight a dialogue about the ethical responsibility of creating solutions for worldwide problems. Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.

RESTONS SÉRIEUX by Gavrilo Božović, Switzerland  
The Swiss agency restons sérieux will showcase some of their latest experimental work, intended to show some of the new directions they are exploring, and to give a sense of the new territories design can explore when mixed with technology. Supported by Pro Helvetia.
TABLE T, by Irena Kilibarda, Serbia
At Belgrade Design Week 2014 you will be able to see Irena Kilibarda’s masterpiece, the famous Table T: a hand-made space-age piece of outdoor furniture that light ups from within.
PHANTASMS ON WHEELS, by Nikola Kolja Božović, Serbia
Nikola Kolja Božović presents the results of his artistic research on various aspects of the car, as carrier of cultural and social meanings. We think it’s a reinvention of the very intersection of art and design.

Imagine (is) the latest concept of the city bike ride. Designed and crafted by DVOIKA, it is extremely solid, yet elegant and sophisticated wooden bicycle designed to provide new experience of cycling as it runs smoothly and almost stealthy. It allows cyclists to fully enjoy the ride, to be more relaxed and open up the senses so that he or she may perceive the city in its full scale.


Branko Starcevic is a Belgrade based portrait and advertising photographerwho’s work is both contemporary and nostalgic – an example of well thought out documentarist approach bringing out the film patina of a bygone era.

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It was great for xarchitekten to be invited to BDW as Austrian Architects We were expecting a great time by experiencing all this different thinking’s on design issues. At first there was the road movie from Vienna to Belgrade: 600 Kilometers of flat land, an immense impression of wideness - like riding on a green ocean. Arriving Belgrade we were hosted by the perfect Organization and accompanied by very nice people of BDW. The most valuable element of BDW´s Performing, Discussing, Lecturing in the Theater, Visiting the Clubs and Restaurants of Belgrade has been the linking excellent thinking and facing experts coming from different fields of design as well as different regions of Europe. xarchitekten are convinced about the great role of BDW as an Place for multidisciplinary Evolution, therefore BDW is facing a great future. Hopefully xarchitekten will be connected to BDW again.