EXD13 LISBOA (7 – 10 November)
BDW Founder, Jovan Jelovac, spoke at the major design event EXD13 LISBOA, in Lisbon, on 9.11.2013.

EXD is an international biennale dedicated to design, architecture and creativity; a forward-thinking platform that cultivates and analyses contemporary culture through discussion and reflection. It is a springboard for up-and-coming talent and experimentation in different formats, from exhibitions to urban interventions, debates and lectures. Focusing on people and ideas, the biennale’s program is designed to provide insight and incentive to both a specialized audience and the public at large, disseminating information and provoking debate.

One of the participants in this year’s debate was our very own Jovan Jelovac (, the founder of Belgrade Design Week. He spoke of the challenges and achievements regarding his pet project which became the biggest creative industries promoting event in the region. Tirelessly tracking down the “The Greatest Creative Minds of the 21st Century” and inviting them to participate in his innovative series of international design dialogues. Belgrade Design Week was born.

An architect by education, a designer by passion and profession, as one of the leading consultants for branding in Europe, Jelovac is a creative director and partner in Brand New World – brand architects firm. He has carried out various branding programs and campaigns for a range of high profile corporations, NGOs and governmental institutions in West and East Europe.

EXD13 was a showcase of a myriad of talented designers in the fields of architecture and urbanism, furniture, lighting, fashion, jewelry, accessories, type design, illustration, books and magazines design, etc. Take a look at the highlights of this extraordinary event:


I stopped working for others because then I have the responsibility and I feel like an advertising agency. When I work for Yello, I can make a fool out of myself. Whatever I do I go through the process of becoming a child, an idiot, totally unimportant. When I have the responsibility to start with it is disturbing." "I think every human is a God. All our life is about becoming like a child, trying to find out who is really hidden inside yourself, who you really are, who is the divine being inside. Great alpinist climb mountains not to become world famous, but to learn something about themselves, to come closer to that inner-child. If you are exposing yourself to the process of climbing the mountain, it is very important you are prepared to make a fool of yourself, to let yourself fall into the emptiness of vague idea, and to have the courage to be a total idiot. Only then you have a chance to die with the smile on your face.