A night of interactive eating experiences, design, art and thought-provoking conversations to coincide with Art Basel 2015.

Laufen would like to invite you to an experiential evening featuring an interactive eating experience created by Studio Appétit, a trend-forecasting lecture by Zuzanna Skalska combined with a unique discussion panel moderated by Jovan Jelovac.

“Architecture during Art” dialogues in the Laufen Forum encourage an inspirational exchange between artists, architects and designers.



BMW Installation: The recently commissioned Brand New World installation by Dante – Goods and Bads, premiered at the 2015 Milan Furniture Fair, will be presented at the Laufen Forum. Bus Transfer from railway station Basel SBB, Exit Meret Oppenheim Strasse to LaufenWahlenstrasse 46, CH-4242 Laufen.

6:30pm – 7:15pm

Interactive eating experience created by Studio Appétit | Studio Appétit is a world-renowned, multidisciplinary experience design studio and a leading player in its field. The studio will create a dedicated installation exploring the melting point of Art, Food, Design and Architecture.

7:15pm – 8:30pm

Trend Lecture, Zuzanna Skalska, 360Inspiration | Advisory board member of Dutch Design Week Eindhoven and has been a lecturer at TU/e Technical University Eindhoven, Department of Industrial Design.

Multi Disciplinary Discussion Panel moderated by Jovan Jelovac | The diversity of the creative industries has become an incentive to develop an experimental, stimulating programme in which different, independent disciplines coexist in order to stimulate an ever-changing, evolving intellectual process.  Laufen is delighted to present these latest creative perspectives in a discussion panel with some of the world’s most successful architects, designers, publishers and institutions, moderated by Jovan Jelovac, co-founder of Brand New World, forecasters of future design.

Athanasios Argyropoulos, Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI)
Kai-Uwe Bergmann, BIG – Bjarke Ingles Group
Christophe de la Fontaine, Dante Goods and Bads
Marcus Fairs, Dezeen
Ido Garini, Studio Appetit
Zuzanna Skalska, 360INSPIRATION

8:30pm – 9pm

Interactive eating experience | After Taste created by Studio Appétit


Shuttle Bus to Basel SBB
Open: Wednesday, 17 June 2015
Close: Wednesday, 17 June 2015
Address: Wahlenstrasse 46
Web: Laufen
Opening hour: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Admission: Free, RSVP to marc.richterich@laufen. ch
Photo credits: 1. Jovan Jelovac, Brand New World; 2. Big Gammel Hellerup High School, Courtesy of Jens Lindhe; 3. Laufen Forum, outside view; 4. Grcic, Studio Appetit and Laufen SaphirKeramik tray; 5. Zuzanna Skalska, 360Inspiration; Courtesy of Laufen

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I stopped working for others because then I have the responsibility and I feel like an advertising agency. When I work for Yello, I can make a fool out of myself. Whatever I do I go through the process of becoming a child, an idiot, totally unimportant. When I have the responsibility to start with it is disturbing." "I think every human is a God. All our life is about becoming like a child, trying to find out who is really hidden inside yourself, who you really are, who is the divine being inside. Great alpinist climb mountains not to become world famous, but to learn something about themselves, to come closer to that inner-child. If you are exposing yourself to the process of climbing the mountain, it is very important you are prepared to make a fool of yourself, to let yourself fall into the emptiness of vague idea, and to have the courage to be a total idiot. Only then you have a chance to die with the smile on your face.